Reiki Sessions & Training

Personal Reiki Sessions

Pragnya Anand is trained and experienced in multiple holistic healing systems, such as Reiki, Theta Healing, and Faith Based energy work, all which promote balance and harmony to the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.


Much like Yoga and Ayurveda, Energy Healing treats the individual as a "whole", encouraging the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Through guidance from Divine Source, the Energy Healer is a vessel for divine energy to flow, thus promoting self-healing and providing intuitive insight, while offering support for personal growth and spiritual development.

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Reiki Training

A customized session to address any condition in your physical and/or energetic body that may be causing physical, mental, or emotional suffering.


During a Holistic Healing Session, one receives insight to uncover unrealized obstacles and is given tools to use to breakthrough them and activate self-healing. The use of Yoga, Energy Healing, Mantra, and breathwork may be used according to your specific needs.